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Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH and C|EH Practical)

Our Alumnis Are hired by Fortune 500 Companies

Person 1
"CEH certification made my CV outstanding compared to my peers. Cybersecurity skillset helped me find a better job profile as a fresher. CEH and EC-Council are highly recognized names in Cybersecurity community."

Sidhant Gupta
Senior Cyber Security Consultant
Ernst & Young

Certified Penetration Tester

Person 2
"CPENT covers a wide range of topics compared to other exams. Apart from a flat network and isolation system, they also have a multi layered network with security measures in place. Cyber Practice Range is a simulation of a real-world attack. CPENT is like a feather in my cap."

Bjorn Voitel
Cyber Security Consultant and External Data
Protection Officer
Consultant with Multiple Companies

Certified Network Defender

Person 3
"After attempting the CND, I got amazed by the level of detail this course has, structure, flow, and the number of labs. I became a subject matter expert in all domains within CND. I then thought of teaching all those who have been trying to break into Cyber Security."

Robinson Shai
Cyber Security Assistant Manager

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

Person 4
"There is a huge gap between IT professionals and Law enforcement personnel. In order to fight cyber-crimes effectively these two professionals have to come together and CHFI does that exactly bringing your love for IT and love for Law together."

Jeree Spicer
Business Line Risk Manager

Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst

Person 5
"CTIA allows me to fast-track key knowledge areas behind what Threat Intelligence Analysts are supposed to know. CTIA enabled me to understand the required knowledge and integrate it into other areas of my work."

John Lim
Nanyang Polytechnic

Alumnis Are hired by Fortune 500 Companies

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