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Why Cyber Forensics Course Can Give You Lucrative Career Option

With the ever-evolving digital world, the rate of cyberattacks has been on a tremendous rise. According to stats, in 2018, over 2 million cyber-attacks happened and it cost over 45 billion losses across the globe. And another surprising fact is India ranks third among the nations that are the most affected by cyber attacks. Therefore, online business security becomes paramount for every business regardless of size or revenue. Also, this boom has made companies realize the importance of cyber security professionals. 

While there are businesses that are now hiring ethical hackers, another trending profession that is gaining traction for internet security is cyber forensics. 

In this article, we are going to educate you on how the computer forensics domain is growing big and how one can begin their career in this domain. 

What is a computer or cyber forensics?

Cyber forensics, i.e, computer forensics in a significant branch of the cyber security system. While white hat hackers, network analysts, and others are all important in the domain, cyber forensics experts also have a crucial role to play. 

Cyber forensics refers to the application of analysis techniques and investigation to collect and preserve evidence from a specific computing device or a victim device such as a laptop, computer, electronic document, and storage mediums like USB, hard drive, etc. 

Cyber forensic experts find out the exact issue by performing a thorough investigation on a computing device and also who did it. For this, they also perform the extraction of deleted or existing information from a computing or storage device. 

If you are thinking, are there any particular protocols that the experts need to follow, then yes, there are standard sets of procedures. One of the protocols is to always have a soft copy of the device to be inspected and keep the device locked securely and safely. Once they are done with the investigation and have gathered enough information, they develop an in-depth report which could be used as evidence in legal proceedings. 

Skills required to become a cyber forensics analyst

Just like every other profession from the cyber security field, cyber forensics also has a set of prerequisites. To pursue a course in cyber forensics, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer forensics. Further, to land a cyber forensics analyst job, you need to have a post-graduation in cyber forensics or need to get a certificate in Information or Cyber Security.

The learning phase

More and more organizations are looking to hire cyber forensics analysts. Therefore the concept of cyber forensic courses has started to boom in India. While most schools and training centers ask for a bachelor’s degree, certain institutes provide certificates and associate’s degree programs in this field. 

These courses are ideal for people who don’t have a cyber security background and wish to learn everything from scratch. From the basic introduction to real-time application and testing, these courses cover everything. 

The career options

After completing the cyber forensics analyst course, it might be intriguing to join a company and start working. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind as you are new to this domain. 

Though the training center may cover all the aspects of the training, the actual industry knowledge can be learned only after you join an organization. Therefore, try learning as much as you can by interacting with fellow cyber forensics analysts. 

Besides the basic cyber forensics analyst role, these are the other roles you can opt for – computer forensics investigator, computer forensics technician, computer forensics specialist, digital forensics specialist.

Also, one of the major benefits of this role is that it not only allows you to work with private companies but also lets you join government bodies. So if you have been thinking of joining this domain, then this is indeed the right time to do so!

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